Omnigates High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 6ft Multi-Pack

SKU: 31001113

HDMI Ethernet Channel
Omnigates High-Speed HDMI Cables include HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC).
Share network connection across multiple devices without using separate ethernet cables!

CL2 Rated
Omnigates High-Speed HDMI Cables are coated with CL2 Rated coating.
Our CL2 Rated coating is made with special material that releases less toxic gas when caught on fire.
The lower toxicity makes the cable safe to burn, making it a better alternative to standard HDMI cables in the event of a fire or overheating.

High Standard Safety
Omnigates High-Speed HDMI Cables are in compliance with National Electic Code for in-wall installations.
The CL2 rated coating makes our cable certified to handle 150 volts.
Making it safe for in-wall installations and residential usage.

High resolution
High-Speed HDMI Cables are tested to ensure high-quality for Feature-Rich 4K Content.
Omnigates High-Speed HDMI Cables support 4K products and have gold plated connectors
for a reliable connection.

Lifetime Warranty
Every Purchase of Omnigaes High-Speed HDMI Cable comes with Omnigates Lifetime Warranty.
Please Contact our support team through email for any questions!

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