Omnigates Mach 8-Port USB Smart Charger, 5V/2.4A w. Smart IC

SKU: 31001086

    1. Omnigates Mach Smart Charger 8-Port USB Charge with Precision and Speed. 8 USB Port Capability Never choose between devices to charge.
    2. Charge up to 8 USB Devices with the Mach Smart Charger 8-Port Design.
    3. Suitable for any and all USB Electronic Devices.
    4. Enjoy faster charging with the Omnigates IC Chipset that pumps up to 5 Volts and 8.8 Amps of pure electricity that easily charges each one of your USB Powered Devices.
    5. Smarter Technology Capable of charging without issues, the Mach Smart Charger has Intelligent Multiple Safety Protection Technology. Includes Auto Recovery for over current, short circuit, and over temperature protection for complete safety and peace of mind.
    6. LED Indicator Includes an LED Indicator Light and Power Button to indicate when your Mach Smart Charger is on and when your Devices are charging.
    7. Works With All DevicesConnects and Charges Perfectly with All USB Devices: Smartphones, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Google, Laptops, Computers, & All USB Type Powered Devices.
    8. Portable Design Take the Mach Smart Charger anywhere with its Portable Size and Compact Design. Perfect for the Office, Work, Classrooms, Industrial, and sharing with Friends.
    9. Designed with Industrial-Grade Plastic Shell and a Premium Case to ensure Lifetime Reliability.
    1. Input: 18 ~ 20VDC
    2. Output: 5V/2.4A (Smart IC - Auto detect chipset for Android & IOS device), total 8.8A
    3. Overload protection: Yes
    4. Short circuit protection: Yes
    5. Over temperature protection: Yes
    1. Mach Smart Charger 8-Port
    2. Power Plug Adapter
    3. 1 Year Warranty Does Not Include USB Charging Cables
    4. Omnigates Warranty Includes Omnigates 1 Year Warranty
    5. Contact our Customer Support Team via email. Thank you for your order!
    1. Internal chip allows the 18-20V of input voltage
    2. Intelligent LED power indicators
    3. 8 USB ports (5V/2.4A) - 2.4A for other smartphones, with intelligent IC to detect their output requirements
    4. Intelligent multiple safety protection
    5. Overcurrent protection with Auto-recovery
    6. Short circuit protection with Auto-recovery
    7. Over temperature protection with Auto-recovery
    8. Portable and convenient to use

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